Rodeo (Deluxe) de Travis Scott



Travis Scott

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Label: Epic/Grand Hustle
Like Future’s recent DS2, Travis Scott’s debut is a hallmark of rap music’s overly medicated emo phase. He crams beats from multiple producers into a single track and, like his mentor Kanye West, turns those songs into ornate tributes to the male id. (On “Piss on Your Grave,” West guides a detour into Hendrix-like blues rock.) Scott mutates his voice with computerized effects, and while he’s not saying much -- an example is “Antidote,” where he claims, “I just did a three-peat/ F*cked three ‘hos I met this week” -- the overall sonic effect is compelling. Key cuts include “3500” and “90210.”

À propos de cet album


À propos de cet album

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