Give de Balkan Beat Box


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Label: Crammed Discs
Never before has Balkan Beat Box placed such an album-wide emphasis on one aspect of their balancing act. Give stresses the "Beat" over anything else: "Suki Muki" sounds like Yiddish dubstep, "Look Like You" is built on house and "Porno Clown" is sleek and clubby enough to give the Black Eyed Peas a run for their money. Meanwhile, the "Balkan" aspect adds nuance (like the slippery synths on "No Man's Land") and depth (the layered horn echo of "Urge to Be Violent"). It's all quite a chic, cosmopolitan affair -- a fascinating setting for what are also some of BBB's fiercest politic lyrics ever.

À propos de cet album


À propos de cet album

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