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Label: One Little Independent Records
If 2016's Vulnicura is the vessel into which Björk poured her suffering after breaking up with artist Matthew Barney, then Utopia finds her joyously embracing the fact that there's plenty of love and life to be experienced after heartache. Reuniting with Venezuelan producer Arca, who basically is the Icelandic singer's co-collaborator at this point, she weaves a wondrous blend of ambient music-stained electronics and classical textures (strings especially). Over the course of the record's 71-plus minutes, the music wanders from ecstatic and billowing ("Arisen My Senses") to entrancingly abstract ("Features Creatures") and even playful and exotic ("Paradisia"). As always, Björk goes all out; Utopia, after all, is an intensely immersive listening experience, one that will draw listeners back over and over.

À propos de cet album


À propos de cet album

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