War Kingz de Cosculluela


War Kingz


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Label: Rottweilas
With its slickly Auto-Tuned sing-song flow and a kind of smoothed-out vibe that ranges from melancholic to lightly playful, War Kingz doesn't feel exactly war-like. But it does kind of make you want to join up with Cosculluela and his squad of guest stars as they hustle and flow, swagger and shuffle across a club pumped up with reggaeton riddims, sleek beats and pop hooks on cuts like the lilting, taunting "No Te Metas." Things get more ferocious when Los Mafia Boyz show up on "En El Case" and stay that way through the ominous, dembow-driven "Mi Hermana" and "Súbelo" (check its clever beats).

À propos de cet album


À propos de cet album

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