The Lion The Beast The Beat (Deluxe Edition) de Grace Potter And The Nocturnals


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Label: Hollywood Records
The Lion The Beast The Beat is The Nocturnals' third and most cohesive album for Hollywood Records. On it they reconcile their roots in jam-band earthiness with the slick pomp required of pop albums for major labels. "Turntable" and single "Never Go Back" (co-written by Black Key Dan Auerbach) are four-to-the-floor AOR not far removed from the country/hair-metal hybrid Shania Twain and her ex, producer "Mutt" Lange, pioneered. The record's balladry is no different. Melting Journey into Bonnie Tyler into Stevie Nicks, "Stars" bleeds bombastic heartbreak perfect for high school slow dancing.

À propos de cet album


À propos de cet album

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