Hold On ‘Til The Night de Greyson Chance



Greyson Chance

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Label: ElevenEleven/Guy Oseary/Geffen
Watch your back, Bieber! And for that matter, JT, Mike Posner and maybe even Usher. Greyson Chance is indeed the prepubescent singing sensation of the day, which, yes, grownups, does mean his debut includes tracks obsessed with crushes and song titles like, um, "Unfriend You." But age ain't nothing but a number and "Unfriend You" (along with most of Hold On) is perfectly crafted pop confectionary, fraught with dramatic synth-strings, irresistible hooks, danceable grooves (don't miss the Bo Diddley beat on "Stranded") and, especially, Chance's warm, surprisingly rich blue-eyed soul vocals.

À propos de cet album


À propos de cet album

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