Janis Joplin's Greatest Hits de Janis Joplin


Cry Baby

Janis Joplin

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Label: Columbia/Legacy
Originally released in 1973, three years after the singer's tragic death, Janis Joplin's Greatest Hits has gone platinum several times over, becoming one of the defining titles of classic rock in the process. In all honesty, it's not a terribly thorough collection, yet in its brevity it does a worthy job of documenting Joplin's radical (if brief) evolution from acid-rock explorer fronting Big Brother & The Holding Co. to soul-blues howler striking out on her own. All the calling cards are present: "Summertime," "Down on Me," "Piece of My Heart" and, of course, the ageless "Me and Bobby McGee."

À propos de cet album


À propos de cet album

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