Tiger Suit de KT Tunstall


Tiger Suit

KT Tunstall

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Label: Relentless/Virgin
When did KT Tunstall get so ... fabulous? The Scottish singer-songwriter has always been a go-to girl for solid coffee-shop pop with a slight blues-rock edge to match her slightly gravely voice. But on album three she gets positively fierce, whether she's snarling her way through dirty, glammy disco ("Glamour Puss"), sauntering around alt-country ("Golden Frames") or spitting out some sneering, Runaways-esque rawk ("Madame Trudeaux"). And she's at her most terrifically rock 'n' roll when she's in the "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree" wheelhouse, as on the salty, snapping "Come On, Get In."

À propos de cet album


À propos de cet album

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