Little Broken Hearts de Norah Jones



Norah Jones

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Label: Blue Note Records
Wherein America's Jazzy Sweetheart unloads a vicious, delicious breakup album full of breathily tart lines ("You don't have to tell the truth/ 'Cause if you do I'll tell it too") and hilariously explicit song titles ("She's 22"). We're a long way from Come Away With Me here -- buffed to an arty, sweetly discomfiting shine by producer/cowriter Danger Mouse, Little Broken Hearts bears both the elegant easy-listening beauty of Jones' earlier stuff and the sublime, guitar-driven acidity of St. Vincent or Sparklehorse. This is a bit of a shock, and a tremendous delight; get a load of "Miriam."

À propos de cet album


À propos de cet album

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