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Ray LaMontagne

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Both Supernova and Till the Sun Turn Black are solid proof that Ray LaMontagne is a singer/songwriter harboring a potent experimental streak. Yet neither album, however ambitious, can fully prepare even his most devoted fans for Ouroboros. The nine-part song cycle (recorded with indie producer and restless sonic explorer, My Morning Jacket founder Jim James) is a phantasmagoric journey through poignant confessionals, effects-soaked blues-rock and visionary poetry wrapped inside cosmic ether. Laced with dense fuzz and the singer's unique balance of fragile falsetto and searing rasp, "Hey, No Pressure" and "The Changing Man" aren't just moody and atmospheric, they ooze pure dark matter. Echoes of Pink Floyd definitely haunt this strange and entrancing set, especially on "In My Own Way.” On the reverb-drenched ode to isolation, LaMontagne croons "Lock the door, draw the shade, close my eyes, I'm miles away." The line is fitting of a deeply introspective musician who cherishes his privacy and cares little for stardom.

À propos de cet album


À propos de cet album

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