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Rich Gang

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Label: Cash Money
Back in the day, Birdman's Big Tymers albums were a shamelessly gaudy tribute to the Cash Money lifestyle. But Rich Gang isn't as fun, and not only Mannie Fresh jumped ship years ago. From Young Money scions Lil Wayne and Mack Maine to B-teamers Detail, Cory Gunz, Jae Millz and, uh, Limp Bizkit, this all-star cavalcade is bloated, with "Dreams Come True," "Bigger Than Life" and "Angel" among the inspired cuts. Even Kendrick Lamar sounds deflated by all the post-good kid cameos he's made. Birdman is an amiable host, but too often he's just a guest at his own party.

À propos de cet album


À propos de cet album

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