A Year Without Rain (International Standard Version) de Selena Gomez


Rock God

Selena Gomez

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Label: Hollywood Records
The young Disney starlet shows off her considerable diva cred with a sophomore album (keep in mind she's barely past sophomore year) that's packed to the brim with solid (and often sultry) dance pop. A Year without Rain picks up where the smash hit "Naturally" left off: compelling club beats, sweet themes dusted with a bit of sass and dulcet (if light) vocals that display some dexterity (see: "Rock God," the album's most Disney-ish song, but a track that finds Gomez alternating between throaty belting and feathery head voice). Only the dear-diary ballads tucked in here and there betray her age.

À propos de cet album


À propos de cet album

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