Stars Dance de Selena Gomez


Stars Dance

Selena Gomez

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Label: Hollywood Records
Well, the moment when we say goodbye once and for all to Selena Gomez, chipmunk-cheeked child star, has arrived. Because here she is, a year of relationship foibles and a grownup movie role under her belt, standing confidently behind a Serious Adult Pop album that seriously works. Yes, Stars Dance is sexed up and slicked down with glistening synths and drunken Cataracs beats. Yes, some of it is a bit formulaic (and downright Dev-duplicating; see: "B.E.A.T."). But it's a balanced effort of experimentation and Gomez pulls it off with grace (even the raggamuffiny "Like a Champion!").

À propos de cet album


À propos de cet album

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