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Poor Me

Shania Twain

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Label: Mercury Nashville
The wonder woman who remade country music in the ‘90s opens her first album in a decade and a half with the sort of glam-rock bleacher beats her ex Mutt Lange used to provide; “Roll Me On The River,” a Gary Glitter-stomping sex blues with “Proud Mary” references, ups that ante later. Other energetic highlights could pass for Roxette (“We Got Something They Don’t”) or Katrina and the Waves (“You Can’t Buy Love”); "Home Now" melds Bo Diddley, Celtic music, and "Walk on the Wild Side" doo-d'doo-wop, and deluxe-version closer “All In All” climbs “I Want to Know What Love Is” gospel mountains over South African guitars. But much of the album’s middle is slower, dreamier I-will-survive breakup recovery stuff: European Union arrangements occasionally flowing atop lite reggae riddims.

À propos de cet album


À propos de cet album

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