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Tim McGraw

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Label: Curb Records
Despite the fact that the first two singles were humorous, lightweight songs, Tim McGraw's tenth effort, Southern Voice, is surprisingly weighty. "Forever Seventeen" deals with the struggle of getting older and living with regrets. Mirrored by a sad-sounding guitar and a slow, end-of-the-day tempo, "Forever Seventeen" is one of the album's most poignant moments -- and is sung from a woman's point of view. Another highlight comes via the song "Mr. Whoever You Are," which stars a lost soul looking for some comfort in a dance (or more) with a stranger. The loneliness that unwinds in the waltz is heightened by a gorgeous string section, making this a likeable downer of a song. More restless characters lurk through the album: cheaters ("Good Girls"), self-helpers ("Still") and sons without fathers ("You Had to Be There") are all represented in this striking collection.

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À propos de cet album

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