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White Lung

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Label: Domino Recording Co
It may be a bit rich to offer Paradise as proof that White Lung, after having served up three albums of punk-bred mayhem, are going pop. After all, the tempos still blitz like crazy, Kenneth William’s sunburst-like guitar parts are stridently avant-garde and the imposing Mish Barber Way shrieks about everything from serial killers to aging glamour queens and trailer park denizens. Yet these qualities are poured into a batch of tunes that are wildly catchy and hook-filled -- pop, in other words. Two particular standouts are “Hungry” and “Below,” each a pristinely polished gem constructed around swirling, radio-friendly choruses. Producer Lars Stalfors, known for his work with Cold War Kids and Matt and Kim, played a pivotal role in helping White Lung tap their inner pop stars. Moreover, he helped Barber Way rebuild her singing style from the ground up. Her voice is still powerful and searing, but as “Kiss Me When I Bleed” and “Paradise” demonstrate, she skillfully weaves melodies that dance in the cracks of this brilliantly shimmering music.

À propos de cet album


À propos de cet album

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